add a side dish

Udon    2.25


Mini Karaage Curry Rice Bowl     2.5

Lightly battered, marinated boneless chicken in fresh ginger juice, served with Japanese curry sauce and rice.


extra toppings

Kikurage Mushroom     1.25

Roast Pork (2 pcs)      3

Bamboo shoots    1.25

Seasoned Boiled Egg     1

Extra Noodles     1.75

Chicken Breast     2.5

Shrimp Tempura (2pcs)   3

Fish cake (2pcs)    1

Seasonal Vegetables    1.5

Cabbage & Carrots     1.5 

Bean Sprout    1

Scallion      0.75

Corn     1


special noodles

Bibim Noodle         11

Fresh cooked spicy noodles, chicken, cucumber, kimchee, mushroom and seasoned boiled egg.


Spicy Ramen    12

Natural Heritage Berkshire Pork bone soup with a chicken and seafood broth, topped with roast pork (charshu), bean sprouts, kimchee, a seasoned boiled egg, kikurage mushrooms and scallions.


Charshu Men         12

Natural Heritage Berkshire Pork bone soup topped with roast pork (charshu), red ginger and scallions.


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